Why Dancing Together Can Actually Make You a Stronger, Happier Couple

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

As life obligations, stress and simply the unexpected can disrupt our lives, it’s normal for relationships to become strained, dry and even feel broken. It can take quite the journey to find one another again, reconnect, and feel secure once more. And not every couple makes it. It’s incredibly important to be aware of changing dynamics within your relationship. Trouble communicating, suppressed feelings, lack of romance, feeling unheard… These things naturally build over time as we each become distracted with demanding aspects of our lives. Whether you’re feeling lost in your relationship now or simple desire to be proactive, learning to dance together has been PROVEN to deeply connect and strengthen couples. Let’s talk about how!

Physical connection First, and perhaps the most simple, is the physical connection you grow with your partner. When you hold each other in one another’s arms, locking eyes, becoming one with the music together — it creates an intimacy different than anything other couples have experienced. There is something very special about physically being affectionate with one another while dancing. But deeper than this, there is something incredibly powerful about the connection between a couple that dances together. They learn to read each other’s movements. They learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally. They learn to be patient, respectful, and work together as a true team. Any couple that feels their communication or understanding of one another needs a little work, should absolutely take dance lessons. It’s a surprisingly strong tool for working out kinks in a relationship, becoming on the same page, and simply learning more about how the other thinks. Expend your social group Finding a new social group is a huge perk for learning to dance with your partner. Quite a few couples really struggle to find others that enjoy the same hobbies as themselves. It can be tough to find new friends, share a fun activity and expand your social group alongside your spouse or partner. Learning to dance instantly immerses you into a massive community! The dance world is full of fun, active and diverse groups of people that love to share their passion for dancing. Even if you and your partner have just begun taking lessons, you’ll soon find just how friendly other students and dancers can be. Sharing such a fun and romantic hobby with a partner while making other “couple-friends” is one of the top perks we hear from our students! Intimate one-on-one time While dancing can give you a social community like never before, perhaps the strongest benefit of learning to dance together is the intimate one-on-one time you gain with your partner. When life is hitting hard, work is stressful, kids are taking all your energy, family is causing drama, etc. you have a beautiful tool to quiet the world and simply lean into your loved one. Take a private moment, bring your partner into your arms and refocus on who you are as a couple. You would be shocked at just how many couples have used a little slow dancing for a few moments before bedtime to reconnect after a long day. At E&A dance our top priority is bringing these beautiful, healthy and romantic aspects to every single one of our couples. We give you tools to deepen your connection, add some spice, and brighten your relationship with every dance step you learn! Sign up for your first FREE introductory lesson to experience the romance.

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