Latino Dancers in Ballroom

A very different dance to the majority of the ballroom dances, in many ways slightly the odd one out, the hold and style of the dance being quite different from Waltz, Quickstep and Foxtrot. The Ballroom Tango branched away from its Argentine origins to form a completely different style of dance heavily influenced by the European, American and Hollywood styles. The International dance style is that of a closed dance position with partners in close contact with each other throughout the figures. It has a regular tempo of 2/2 and is danced at around 30-32 beats per minute. The style is often referred too as being cat-like in that the dancers are asked to keep close contact with the floor with no rise or fall at all. A quite dramatic dance which often tells a dramatic story!   The basic figures in the Ballroom Tango include Walks, closed promenades, open promenades, reverse turns and reverse cortes. As dancers progress they will begin to include flicks and kicks along with oversways.