Ballroom Dancing Club

A flowing, elegant dance in 3/4 time, usually played at a steady rate of 28-30 beats per minute. It’s a sliding, gliding dance and references to this style can be found from the 16th Century onwards.

 The International style Waltz requires couples to maintain contact, whereas the American style allows for couples to separate during the dance and indeed for the feet to leave the floor in lifts and other fancy moves. However, most people start with the International style which in itself is equally as beautiful to dance and watch when done correctly. The Waltz is a dance which can be danced almost anywhere in the world, be it on a dancefloor in Brazil, Australia or China – when waltz music is played you will recognise many similar characteristics of the figures used and be able to join in.

The basic figures in a Waltz are made up of closed changes where the weight is changed on each step; as dancers become more proficient, chasses and open turns are also introduced, but all maintaining the closed elegance and smoothness of overall look.